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Jumbo Bag Packer DBJ

Composed of a rack, feeding mechanism, bags hang and automatic lifting device, load cells and electric control system.

Utilized for large package packaging in grain, flour, starch, feed, mining, chemical and building materials industry etc.

Large 500-1000kg bags, weighing and packaging for powdery and granular materials. Equipped with different feeding mechanism, powdery materials by feeding screw with three feeding speeds via inverter control system; Granular materials by arc feeding gate with three opening positions, ensures weighing precision and packing speed. Weighing instrument with rich data display for easy operations.

Product description:

Model Bag weight (kg) Accuracy (%) Speed (bags/h) Air pressure (MPa) Air consumption (Nm³/h) Power (kW)
DBJ 500-1000 ≤0.2 15-20 0.4-0.6 30 5.5
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