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Auger Packer LFBZ

LFBZ- Bran auger packer is composed of a feeding mechanism, weighing system, vertical auger press bagging mechanism, sewing machine and conveying machine.

Suitable for bran, fiber and powder mixing material with poor flow ability, such as feeds and other products, suitable for the minimum width of 700 mm, length of 1000-1400 mm bag.

Inverter is utilized to control the screw feeder, which can realize the feeding speed of fast, medium and slow feeding to scale hopper and accurately control the weighing precision. The on-site weighing instrument displays various parameters and operation functions. Profibus module to display and record weighing information and statistical reports in real time. Auger press bagging operation, which compresses the bran volume, to reduces the bag size and reduces the storage cost. High single output (250-300 bags/hour), high weighing precision, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. 

Product description:

Model Capacity
Bag spout
Air cons.
LFBZ-50 280-300 300 44 4+4
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