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Granular Packer KLBZ

Composed of a feeding mechanism, twin square weighing hopper, bag clamp holders, sewing machine, belt conveyor, load cells, weighing instrument and control system.

KLBZ-50S is used for packaging various granular materials such as wheat, soybean, corn, various grains, feedstuffs, various fertilizers, granular plastics etc.

KLBZ-50S Double hopper scale packing machine with large and small arc door feeding door structure, which can realize the feeding gate for large, medium and small openings to accurately control the weighing accuracy.The onsite weighing instrument displays various parameters and operation functions.Profibus module for PC display and record the weighing information in real time. Double body weighing scale hopper alternating work, high output (700-900 bags/hour), low height, high weighing accuracy, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

Product description:

Model Granular Material Bag (kg/bag) Scale volume (L) Curved feed door Capacity (bags/h) Accuracy
KLBZ-50S Density:(~0.7kg/L) 50 100 Three speeds 650-900 ±0.2%
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