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Bran Packer With Twin Hopper Scale FPBZ

FPBZ-40S is composed of a rack, feeding screws, twin weighing hoppers, bag clamp holder, posser, sewing machines, bag conveyor, load cells, weighing instrument and electronic control system.

FPBZ-40S packer is mainly used for weighting and packaging bran, mixtures of fibrous and floury material, feeds, chemical fertilizer and mixtures of fibers and powdery materials etc.

Variable frequency controller controls the screw feeder to realize fast, medium and slow feeding and accurately control the weighing precision. Weighing instrument with rich data display for operations, profibus module, weighing data and reports real-time. Large weighing range (400-500 bags/h); lower installation height; high accuracy. Easy operation & maintenance.

Product description:

Model Material density Bag (kg/bag) Scale (L) Feed screw diameter Capacity (bag/h) Accuracy
FPBZ-40S Bran(0.25) 40 170 Φ200 450-500 ±0.2%
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