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Single-Spout Packer With Hopper Scale YDBZ

Composed of a feeding screw, weighing hopper, bag clamp holders, poser, sewing machine, bag conveyor and electronic.

Utilized for packing of powdery materials, such as flour, feed, fertilizer, starch etc.

Variable frequency controller controls the screw feeder, which can realize fast, medium and slow feeding and accurately control the weigh precision. Low installation height; high capacity; high accuracy; easy operation, reliable performance.

Product description:

Model Density Bag weight (kg/bag) Scale (L) Screw (dia) Capacity (bag/hour) Accuracy
YDBZ-25 Flour(0.5) 25 60 1-Φ160 350-400 ±0.2%
YDBZ-25 Flour(0.5) 25 60 Φ200/Φ100 350-450 ±0.2%
YDBZ-50 Flour(0.5) 40-50 100 Φ200/Φ100 280-320 ±0.2%
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