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Electronic Roller Mill DMFR

Rollermill DMFR is the core equipment in milling process. Each unit is composed of two (2) pairs of grinding rolls, divided into a fast and slow roll. Single four (4) rollermill stand. Automatic variable speed feed roll. During operation, the two rolls rotate at different speeds in opposite direction to form a shear effect thereby peeling the wheat or grinding the semolina. The roller mill has a casting base structure which is stable and low in noise during operation. Machine casing and material contact parts are SST 304.

Product description:

Model Roller(D×L)
Roll Dia.
Fast roll speed
Speed ratio
(fast roller/slow roller)
Feed roll speed ratio Power one (1) side Pulley Air pressure
Outline size
L×W×H (mm)
Motor Power
DMFR25/1250 Φ250×1250 Φ250-Φ230 450-650 1.25:1 1.5:1 2:1 2.5:1 1:1 1.4:1 1.5:1 1.67:1 2:1 6 pole 37,30,22, 18.5,15,11, 7.5,5.5 Φ360 15N(5V)model 6 groove 4 groove 0.6 3800 2060×1478×1895
DMFR25/1000 Φ250×1000 3200 1810×1478×1895
DMFR25/800 Φ250×800 2700 1610×1478×1895
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