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Disc Cylinder Separator DGJX

Disc cylinder separator DGJX is a type of separator used for the separation and classification of grains. The machine can remove long impurities such as oats, barley, wild grass, and also small impurities such as black seeds. The separation process design is based on a series of discs and cylinders, the configuration selection is based on the wheat types

Product description:

Disc OD (mm) Φ630 Φ630
Hole detail 5.5 6 8A 8B 6 8A 8B
Disc qty 6 12 5 10 18 5 10
Disc speed (rpm) 54-56
Cylinder speed (rpm) 54-56
Power (kw) 4
Aspiration (m³/min) 10-15
Weight (kg) 1750
Capacity (t/h) 6-8 8-10
Outline size L×W×H (mm) 2947×243×2034
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