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Gravity Destoner FQS

Gravity destoner FQS is an important wheat cleaning machine utilized in cleaning section in a mill. It is mainly used for grading after pre-cleaning, in the first cleaning section for concentrating light wheat with impurities i.e. mustard, grass seed and wheat husks, etc. so this material can be sent downstream for further cleaning, then heavy material with stones and mud ball content which can be separated out. It is also utilized in the second cleaning section after tempering for stone and mud ball removal for raw wheat deemed to have a high stone or mud ball content.

Product description:

Model FQS-80a FQS-100a FQS-125a FQS-150a FQS-180a
Sieve width (mm) 800 1000 1250 1500 1800
Capacity (t/h) Wheat 6-9 8-11 12-15 15-18 17-22
Paddy 4.5-6.5 6-8 8-11 11-13 12-16
Power (kw) 2×0.25 2×0.55 2×0.55 2×0.55 2×0.55
Air volume (m³/h) 6700 8400 11000 13800 16800
Air pressure (Pa) 1800
Vibration frequency S-1 15.65-1
Amplitude (mm) 3-5
Sieve angle (Degree) 5-9
Outline size L×W×H (mm) 1660×1226×2028 1660×1426×2028 1660×1676×2028 1660×2000×2028 1660×2300×2028
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