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Vibro Grain Separator ZDS

Vibro grain separator ZDS is suitable for pre-cleaning at in-take or within the first cleaning section. The sieve frames can be equipped with different openings according to the wheat origin and impurity level.

The machine is normally equipped with a vertical aspirator channel at the outlet to separate the dust from the raw material. The big and small foreign impurities will be removed from the machine via separate outlets. Simple with small footprint, high cleaning efficiency and low power consumption.

Product description:

Model Capacity(wheat)
Air Vol.
(aspiration channel)
Sieve size (W×L)
Outline size
L×W×H (mm)
ZDS-100/150 12/37.5 2×0.37 60 620 1000×1500 2180×1563×1673
ZDS-100/200 15/45 2×0.37 75 720 1000×2000 2675×1563×1823
ZDS-150/150 15/45 2×0.55 100 935 1500×1500 2180×2115×1723
ZDS-150/200 20/60 2×0.55 115 1040 1500×2000 2675×2115×1823
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