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Rotary Separator XZSX

Rotary Separator XZSX is utilized for detailed wheat cleaning, feed mill, rice mill etc. The machine has three (3) sieve decks with different sieve sizes openings and configurations according to wheat types to optimize cleaning efficiency. Simple in structure, stable in operation, low noise, low energy consumption, dust free, convenient in operation and maintenance. Air aspiration should be installed at the machine outlet to remove dust and light impurities to complete the cleaning process.

Product description:

Model Cap. (wheat)
Air volume(Asp.)
Sieve size
(W×L) (mm)
Outline size
L×W×H (mm)
XZSX-150/200 20/35 4 115 2465 1500×2000 2551×2275×2210
XZSX-150/250 30/50 4 125 2620 1500×2500 3051×2275×2237
XZSX-200/250 45/70 5.5 160 3250 2000×2500 3051×2787×2237
XZSX-200/300 70/110 5.5 170 3370 2000×3000 3546×2787×2272
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