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Drum Sieve YCS

Drum sieve YCS is general-purpose equipment utilized within the grains industry. It is utilized within the pre-cleaning intake silo storage stage to separate out large impurities i.e. wood, rope, sacks, straw, large stones etc. before passing to storage silos. YCS drum sieve is characterized by having a high capacity, small footprint, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance.

Product description:

Model YCS-85×100 YCS-100×125 YCS-125×150 YCS-125×250 YCS-150×170
Speed (r/min) 17 17 15 15 11
Power (kw) 1.5 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
Air vol. (m³/h) 980 1380 1820 2250 2100
Cylinder (mm) Φ850×1050 Φ1000×1250 Φ1250×1500 Φ1250×2500 Φ1500×1700
Outline size L×W×H (mm) 1920×1050×1980 2110×1200×2160 2450×1450×2670 3660×1450×2670 3030×1750×2170
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