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Double-Spout Packer WDBZS

Composed of a rack, feeding mechanism, twin weighing system, bag clamp holders, possers, sewing machine, belt conveyor, load cells, weighing instrument and control system.

Utilized for packaging powdery materials such as flour etc with low installation requirements.

Low installation height with special design. Accurate weighing process with fast, medium and slow speed by frequency converter control to achieve high speed packing and accurate weighing. Twin weighing hopper alternative operation to obtain high capacity (450-550 bags/h). Low labor; Low cost weighing instrument with rich data display for operations, profibus module, weighing data and reports real time display. Compact design; accuracy; stable performance and easy operation & maintenance.

Product description:

Model Dump (kg) Power (kW) Max. (bags/h) Dimension (mm)
WDBZS-10 2-10 2.2×2+0.55×2+0.37 600 3087 1190 1250 2340
WDBZS-25 15-25 5.5×2+0.75×2+0.37 500 3500 2045 1735 3217
WDBZS-50 40-50 5.5×2+0.75×2+0.37 400 4800 1779 1968 3853
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