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Carousel Packer ZBZ

Carousel packer ZBZ is composed of twin weight-in-loss scales, feeding screw conveyors, rotary table, load cells, bag clamp holders, shakers, sewing machine and bag conveyor. This machine is an electronic and pneumatic control unit widely utilized for automatic weighing of powdery materials to achieve high speed packing. Automatic target weight control, filling, bag shaking using multi-spouts with minimal operator assistance achieves high speed dust free packing.

Product description:

Model Spouts Bag
ZBZ-4 4 10-50 Up to 550 5.5×2+3+0.75+0.37
ZBZ-6 6 10-50 Up to 800 5.5×2+2.2×2+3+0.75+0.37

Note: Packing speed depends on the weighing system, packed weight, packed material and operators.

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