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Carousel Packer ZBZ

Composed of feeding mechanism, double-spout weighing system, carousel & frame, bag clamp holders, possers, sewing machine & bag conveyor, load cells, weighing instrument and control system.

High speed weighing and packing for various kinds of powder materials.

Frequency converter controls large and small feeding screws to achieve high, medium and slow speed feeding to accurately control the weighing precision. Double weighing hoppers operate alternately, capacity 750-850 bags/h for high speed packing. Reduced manpower and operating costs. On-site weighing meter displays various parameters and operating functions, profibus module for real-time display and weighing data and statistical reports. Compact design, height, high weighing accuracy, stable performance and convenient in operation & maintenance.

Product description:

Feeder Model Feeding Screw Power (kW)
WJL-220 Φ220 4
WJL-100 Φ100 1.5
Scale Model Volume (L) Power (kW) Weights (kg)
TCL-25/50 2x60/80 10-25/40
Packer Model Bag Spouts Power (kW) Capacity (bags/h)
ZBZJ-4 4 2.2 550-650
ZBZJ-6 6 2.2 750-950
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