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Low Pressure Fan DFJ

Low pressure fan DFJ casings are built in carbon mild steel compact plate. The fan rotor has a suitable blade angle and radial type blades to create a rotor fan for low-pressure generation specially designed for industrial applications. The rotor is dynamically balanced, mounted on cast iron central hub driven directly from the motor shaft within a dust proof casing.

Product description:

Model Capacity
Total pres.
DFJ-3.6A 5462-2920 106-173 3 2900
DFJ-4A 7160-3800 112-208 5.5 2900
DFJ-4.5A 10700-5820 167-264 7.5 2900
DFJ-5A 14710-8010 210-340 11 2900
DFJ-5.5A 10285-20570 2443-4040 22 2900
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