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Low Pressure Fan DFJ

Los rotores low and high pressure fan casings are built in carbon mild steel compact plate.r Fan rotors of suitable blade angle with radial type blades and a rotor fan for low-pressure and high-pressure generation specially designed for industrial applications, dynamically balancedmounted on cast iron central hub driven directly from the motor shaft with a dust proof casing.

Product description:

Model Capacity
Total pres.
DFJ-3.6A 5462-2920 106-173 3 2900
DFJ-4A 7160-3800 112-208 5.5 2900
DFJ-4.5A 10700-5820 167-264 7.5 2900
DFJ-5A 14710-8010 210-340 11 2900
DFJ-5.5A 10285-20570 2443-4040 22 2900
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