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Two Way Valve SSLF

Two way valve SSLF is utilized to divert product at different points within a positive pressure blowline to a target bin. The valve design allows direction changes during product transfer using a cylindrical formed diverter gate can be moved pneumatically to the desired position. The diverter gate is fitted with two limit switches and a solenoid valve.The unit consists of a cast iron body, diverter plug of spherical graphite iron, sealing countersunk flanges with pneumatically operated cylinder for position change, elbow adapter with flange seals.

Product description:

Model ΦI/ΦO Dia
Angle Temp.
Pressure(Kpa) Cylinder pressure
Air cylinder Outline size
Neg. Pos. Dia./trip (mm) Air pres. (Mpa)
SSLF-60 60 60 100 50 100 400-600 500/100 0.4-0.6 550×270.5×252
SSLF-80 80 500/100 570×270.5×252
SSLF-100 100 63/100 590×270.5×252
SSLF-125 125 80/125 650×278×294
SSLF-150 150 100/125 714×327.5×349
SSLF-180 180 100/125 767×376.5×416
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