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Air Cooler FLQ

Air Cooler FLQ is utilized within a positive pressure conveying system and connects to the outlet of the roots blower. High-temperature air discharged by the roots blower enters the inlet of the air cooler through the blowline pipe and is then dispersed to multiple groups of cooling channels through the horizontal concentrated pipe. The cooling channel conducts heat to the cooling fins, which are composed of aluminum alloy fins with very high heat conduction efficiency. Multiple sets of cooling channels and fins form a panel type radiator. The airflow generated by the axial fan passes through the panel radiator vertically, takes away the heat dissipated by the radiator and exhausts the hot air to the outside; this reduces the high-temperature air generated by the roots blower to a suitable temperature. Generally, the temperature of the discharged air flow after cooling should be ten degrees higher than the ambient temperature.

Product description:

Model Work medium Power
Air volume Inlet
Design pres.
Testing pres.
Pres. loss
FLQ-15-X Hot air 60.6 15m³/min 145 45 0.3 0.45 ≤0.03Bar
Cooling air 3800m³/h 35 61 100Pa
FLQ-30-X Hot air 60.6 30m³/min 145 45 0.3 0.45 ≤0.04Bar
Cooling air 7200m³/h 35 60 100Pa
FLQ-40-X Hot air 80.8 40m³/min 145 45 0.3 0.45 ≤0.05Bar
Cooling air 10000m³/h 35 61.4 100Pa
FLQ-55-X Hot air 80.8 55m³/min 145 45 0.3 0.45 ≤0.05Bar
Cooling air 14000m³/h 35 61 140Pa
FLQ-65-X Hot air 140 63m³/min 145 42 0.3 0.45 ≤0.05Bar
Cooling air 18500m³/h 35 59.8 180Pa
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