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Gravity Destoner FQSX

Gravity Destoner FQSX utilizes a combination principle of of air, vibration and sieves. The machine is mainly used for the classification and impurity removal of wheat, paddy, corn and other grains. The machine can segregate light material from the top sieve deck with impurities such as grass seeds, rye, etc., heavy material from the bottom deck and the removal of stones and mud lumps. With the long sieve body, the machine not only increases the sieve area but also improves the stone removal effect dramatically. The air adjusting hood adopts a front and rear separation structure, which can be adjusted separately according to the needs of the operator.

Product description:

Model FQSX 125/160 FQSX 150/160 FQSX 180/160
Sieve width (mm) 1258 1580 1880
Capacity (t/h) Wheat 43815 15-22 22-28
Paddy 43751 43816 17-23
Power (kw) 2×0.68 2×0.68 2×0.68
Air volume (m³/h) 10000 13800 16800
Air pressure (Pa) 1800 1800 1800
Vibration frequency S-1 15.65-1 15.65-1 15.65-1
Amplitude (mm) 3-5 3-5 3-5
Sieve angle (Degree) 5-9 5-9 5-9
Outline size L×W×H (mm) 2166×1778×2085 2212×2012×2125 2212×2312×2149
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