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Vertical Aspirator CXFD

Vertical aspirator CXFD is utilized for cleaning raw materials in all kinds of food processing plants and feed plants. It is suitable for separating dust, husk, particles and light impurities from wheat, rye, oats, barley, soybean, peanut, corn, cocoa beans and other granular materials. Since this aspirator is a open type it needs to be connected with an air jet filter with fan.

a. Through the observation window on the wallboard behind the rack, operator can observe the air flow effect on the material; air volume can be adjusted for best separation effect.

b. Feeding the adjusting device. According to the volume of incoming materials, adjust the space of the air adjusting plate and uniform material plate to improve the separation effect.

Product description:

Model Capacity(t/h) Aspiration (m³/min) Weight
Outline size
Pre-clean Clean Pre-clean Clean
CXFD-80 30 12.5 72 40 110 980×575×1445
CXFD-100 50 16 90 60 125 1180×575×1445
CXFD-125 75 20 115 75 145 1430×575×1445
CXFD-150 100 24 135 90 170 1680×575×1445
CXFD-180 120 28 162 40 200 1980×575×1445
CXFD-200 135 32 180 120 215 2180×575×1445
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