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Screw Discharge Continuous Loss-In Weight Scale JLCJ

Composed of a rack, feeding mechanism, weighing hopper, discharging screw, gear motor, load cell and control system.

Utilized for floury materials continuous flow discharging without arching. Especially suitable for poor flow ability materials, such as continuous mixing and blending systems, continuous dough mixer etc.

Continuous weighing and flexible flow adjustment, quantitative flow rate used for different working conditions; Compact structure; Lower installation height; High capacity; Easy operation & maintenance. Rich data display for operations, profibus module, real time weighing data and reports.

Product description:

Model Material density Scale(L) Screw diameter Flow rate(ton/h) Accuracy less than Power(kW) Scale fills optional
JLCJ-120/100 flour(0.5) 120 Φ100 0.1-3 ±0.5% 1.5 screw/hopper
JLCJ-150/125 flour(0.5) 150 Φ125 0.15-5 ±0.5% 1.5 screw/hopper
JLCJ-200/160 flour(0.5) 200 Φ160 0.5-15 ±0.5% 2.2 screw/hopper
JLCJ-350/200 flour(0.5) 350 Φ200 1-25 ±0.5% 3.0 screw/hopper
JLCJ-450/250 flour(0.5) 450 Φ250 3-45 ±0.5% 4.0 screw/hopper
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