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Screw Scale GJLC

GJLC screw-scale is composed of a rack, screw conveyor, gear motor, load cells, weighing instrument and electric control system. Utilized for bin discharge & blending, batch mixing and tank truck metering. Continuous weight processing and flexible flow adjustment; Compact structure, adjustable screw length, lower installation height; High capacity; Easy operation & maintenance. Rich data display for operation, profibus module, real time weighing data and reports.

Product description:

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kW) Accuracy Feeding type
GJLC-110 5-15 1.1 ±(1-2)% screw feed
GJLC-220 15-25 1.5 ±(1-2)% screw feed
GJLC-320 25-35 2.2 ±(1-2)% screw feed
GJLC-420 35-45 2.2 ±(1-2)% screw feed

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