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Drum detacher DSF

Drum detacher DSF solid construction in sheet-steel, cylindrical shape, with mounting plates for floor or ceiling fixing. Inside rotor with inclined bladed bars and supports on ball bearings suitable for high r.p.m range. Some impact plates are fixed on inside wall in order to increase the breaking action. A tight joint inspection door. It is utilized at the outlet of tail reduction rollermills before the plansifter for breaking up flour conglomerates.

Product description:

Model DSF-30
Rotor speed (rpm) 960
Power (kw) 3 4 5.5
Shaft speed (rpm) 1430 1440 1440
Capacity (t/h) 1.3-1.6 1.7-2.1 1.8-2.2
Weight (kg) 126 132 155
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