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Moisture Measuring Device – Water Flow Controller SFJC/ZSKZ

Automatic moisture control SFJC/ZSKZ system consists of a “MOISTURE MEASURING DEVICE” and a “WATER FLOW CONTROLLER”. The “MOISTURE MEASURING DEVICE” is an measuring device used to detect the material moisture using microwave while measuring the flow rate of the material at the same time. The “WATER FLOW CONTROLLER” is an actuating mechanism which can be operated automatically (or manual) utilized to add water on the basis of data from the “MOISTURE MEASURING DEVICE”, so the material can reach the target pre-set desired moisture.

Product description:

Model Capacity
Outline size
SFJC15 15 650×650×1488
SFJC30 30 650×650×1488
SFJC50 50 650×650×1488

Model Water volume
Outline size
ZSKZ1000 100-1000 15 1000×300×1600
ZSKZ1600 160-1600 30 1000×300×1600
ZSKZ2500 250-2500 50 1000×300×1600
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