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Horizontal Insert Filter CFMC(-W)

Horizontal Insert filter CFMC(-W) adopts the integrated design of filter and fan. This filter type is open at the bottom to it can be directly connected to the equipment that needs dust removal. The unit has a low height but large opening area at the bottom, so it has the advantages of simplicity and flexibility, saving installation height hence large footprint. It is widely utilized in the food, chemical, cement, mining industry etc, for dust removal of conveying equipment and bins.

roduct description:

Model Sleeve length
Air volume
Filter area
Dedusting efficiency Fan
Air Vol.
Power (kw)
CFMC-12W 1200 324-1458 5.4 ≤800 ≥99.5% 1500 1.5
1500 405-2025 6.8

1. Filtration air speed:1-5m/min

2. Air leakage rate:≤5%

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