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Bucket Elevator YTS

Bucket elevator YTS unique design ensures that material is vertically lifted efficiently. Food grade belt including removable head wear plate for long service life. The series is utilized for a wild range of powdered materials since there is no residue material due to the bottom boot design. Plastic or mild steel buckets available to suit all applications.

Product description:

Model Dia. head pulley
Max. height
YTS-30/11 300 1.1-1.8 10-16 40
YTS-40/18 400 1.6-2.5 25-45 50
YTS-50/23 500 1.8-3.1 50-90 50
YTS-50/28 500 1.8-3.1 65-110 50
YTS-60/30 600 2.2-3.5 100-150 60
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