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Loss-In Weight Scale SZCH

SZCH-Loss-in weight scale is composed of a rack, feeding mechanism, weighing hopper, continuous discharging device, servo motor, load cells and control system.

Utilized for materials flow metering and continuous feed. Especially suitable for granular materials quantitative feeding and on-line flow control, such as wheat, corn, soybean, plastic particles, pelleted feeds etc.

Continuously weighing and flexible flow adjustment, quantitative flow rate used for different requirements; compact structure with specialized arc feeding gate, servo control. Lower installation height; high capacity; easy operation & maintenance. Rich data display for operation, profibus module, real time weighing data and reports.

Product description:

Model Material density(kg/L) Scale volume(L) Feed gate type Flow rate(ton/h) Accuracy Scale fills
SZCH-50 0.75 50 T1 8-12 ±0.5% hopper
SZCH-100 0.75 100 T2 12-20 ±0.5% hopper
SZCH-150 0.75 150 T3 20-40 ±0.5% hopper
SZCH-200 0.75 200 T4 40-60 ±0.5% hopper
SZCH-250 0.75 250 T5 60-80 ±0.5% hopper
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