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Hammermill CFSF

Hammermill CFSF is a small-medium sized grinder which can break down all kinds of granular pieces such as broken wheat, corn, sorghum, oat, etc. The mills casing is made of high quality steel plate, while the materials are broken at the pitch in-between the beater blades and sieve mesh. The motor and hammer mill are fixed on the same base, with a flexible column-pin coupled to drive directly. The machine has simple structure with long service life, easy for maintenance and convenient to install. The inlet is located at the middle of the top while beater blades are arranged symmetrically. The machine operates at low vibration and noise level.

Product description:

Model CFSF-56×36 CFSF-56×40
Power (kw) 22 30 30 37
Capacity (t/h) 3 4 4 5
Rotor dia. (mm) 560 560
Chamber width (mm) 360 400
Axis (r/min) 2940 2950
Beater (m/s) 86 86
Beater quantity (piece) 4×5(=20) 4×6(=24)
Pitch-beater & sieve (mm) (8)12(lower part) (8)12(lower part)
Outline size Length (mm) 1453 479 1586
Width (mm) 749 770
Height (mm) 1070 1420
Weight(kg) 615 645 726 746
Note: The above performance is based on corn, moisture<14%, >72kg/hl. Sieve mesh hole diameter Φ3mm, open surface 33%.
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